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About Game Changer Wealth

We are “All Things Financial” educators first and foremost!– free to educate without restriction on any financial concept. We invest a tremendous amount of time and money in public and private education with local and regional free-to-the-public seminars. We specialize in helping our clients and their families succeed in planning their perfect retirement. We provide solid and proven principle protecting techniques that you can actually understand! Game Changer Wealth is dedicated to helping you get the most from your estate balanced with common sense, safety, and control. Game Changer Wealth is an independent financial service company. This means we do not take direction from any corporate sponsor or franchise therefore we can charter our financial advice to what is best for the client. Some of our financial planning professionals are licensed in multiple states which is great for those that have interests across state lines.

We use a unique holistic approach utilizing our in-house team as well as our strategic partners of registered securities advisers, certified public accounts and estate attorneys all working together on most EVERY plan.

This unified financial planning team approach has the goal of helping clients from many angles whether it be increased earnings or income, taxation, legacy, and at the same time, working to cut overall insurance and investment costs. You have to pay attention to costs–among other things–and our experienced team is excellent at leveling costs which are just one enemy of a sound financial plan for retirement.

  • Jerry Linebaugh

    Founder, CEO, Financial Advisor and Fiduciary

  • Matthew S. Hollander, CMP

    Vice President

  • Ashley Michelli

    Asset Allocation Specialist, Active Client Success Coordinator

  • Zoe Parker

    Accounting, Active Client Success Coordinator

  • Mike Canet

    Advanced Tax Planning Consultant, JD, LLM

  • Brandon Ferrell

    Client Services

  • Jason Standcil

    Radio Host

Risk Asset Managers

  • Brad Roth

    Managing Partner, CIO of Thor

  • Dr. Tal Schwartz

    Founder and CEO, Actualize Capital

  • Ravi Koka

    CEO & Founder, StockSnips

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