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Four things you should know about protecting your kids credit

Tip #5: Here’s a number for you: 1 million. That’s how many children were victims of identity fraud in 2017, according to data from Javelin Strategy & Research. Sixty percent of those affected know the person who stole the child’s identity, which resulted in $2.6 billion in total losses and over $540 million in out-of-pocket costs to families.

So, how can parents protect their children from becoming victims of identity fraud? Jerry Linebaugh, founder of JLine Financial in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, shared four things to keep in mind when thinking about your kid’s credit.

Listen to the full radio story from NPR:

Note: These are the opinions of Jerry Linebaugh and the authors and not necessarily those of the Foundations Investment Advisors, are for informational purposes only, and should not be construed or acted upon as individualized investment advice.

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